Why Mosquito Abatement

Mosquitoes have been on the earth for millions of years.  They are highly adaptive critters that seem to take advantage of every habitat they can find.  Their ability to bread in small amounts of water coupled with the ability for their eggs to lay dormant for years when there is no water are just a few ways they have survived and thrived for millennia.  They have a unique diet.  The females of the species need to eat blood before they can lay their eggs.  This blood meal provides the proteins for the eggs to survive.  Thus, the problem is the bite. 

Annoying as the bite is to us, the real problem is the possibility of the bite passing on to us diseases that can make us sick or sometimes kill us.  So, we enter a battle with these miniature flying needles.  This battle is fought not to total eliminate them, because that would be impossible, but to keep them in check.  To keep them away from the populated areas of the county and to reduce their numbers as much as possible.  This battle is waged in the water using larvicides that only attach mosquito larva and in the air using sprays that only kill when they contact the mosquito.  All of this is done to help protect the people in the county. 

Our work is to control the population.  We set traps so we can monitor how many are around us and what kind of mosquitoes are nearby.  With this information, we create a battle plan to place a barrier between the breeding grounds of the mosquitoes and you the people of Utah county.  We stand as your first line of defense between the mosquito and you.  

But you too can help in this battle.  You too can be mosquito fighters.  It is simple just take a few minutes each week and ensure that there is no standing water around your home.  You can find this water in old cans, dog or cat dishes left unattended.  Old tires, or buckets, wheel barrels left out anything that will catch and hold water becomes a potential breeding site for mosquitoes.  You job, just dump it out and turn it over.  This simple act will do a great deal in helping us fight this nasty pest.  

Consequently, with the realization that we can never end the evolutionary trend of the mosquito we work to keep them contained.  With your help, we can do this.  We can decrease the mosquito population providing a safer environment for the residence of this great county.