Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

  • Hours to have a TB skin test placed
    • Monday, Tuesday and Friday normal business hours. Wednesday until 4 PM. No TB tests are placed on Thursdays. Your TB test must be checked 48-72 hours later; we are not open on the weekend. Holidays will impact when TB tests are given- for instance, if the holiday falls on a Monday, we cannot place any TB tests on the Friday before. See holidays we are closed
    • No appointment necessary for skin tests
  • Cost
    • $20.00 for the TB skin test
    • $71.00 for the Blood test for TB (QuantiFERON Gold Plus). It is available at the Provo Wellness Clinic in room 1709. More info here
    • Any questions call 801-851-7029

Utah County Tuberculous (TB) Screening Policy for Students

Utah County requires proof of tuberculosis testing for all foreign-born students (except those from Canada) entering schools for the first time, and students who have lived in a foreign country (except Canada) for six months or more within the past five years. 

A person can be infected with TB bacteria and not feel sick. In many cases, it is recommended to take medication(s) to prevent the bacteria from making an infected person sick with active TB disease.

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