Across the country, more than 31,000 health care coalition members work to protect the health and lives of Americans when disaster strikes.  Health care coalitions (HCCs) are groups of individual healthcare and response organizations – such as hospitals, EMS providers, emergency management organizations, public health agencies, and more – working in a defined geographic location to prepare for and respond to disasters and emergencies.

HCCs collaborate to ensure each member has what it needs to respond to emergencies and planned events, including medical equipment and supplies, real-time information, communication systems, and educated and trained health care personnel.

A United States map groups the states into 10 regions to highlight the Healthcare Coalitions available.

Join the Utah/Wasatch Hospital and Health Care Coordination.

Hospital Coordination during a disaster is one of the most important things the health department is tasked with to assure that the greatest number of people can be treated and that the hospitals remain stocked with all necessary lifesaving materials.  For this reason, a hospital and health care coalition along with key health department individuals meet often to share information, concerns, and to practice together.  Through this process short comings are identified, and plans made to resolve them before a real event occurs.

A wealth of information on how you can get involved is at the BeReady website.

For more information on the Utah/Wasatch County Coalition please contact the Coalition Coordinator.

Kylaas Flanagan. 801-960-2705