Fee Schedule 2024

Vital Records

Search and issuance of Certified Copy of Birth, 1905 to present:
Initial Copy of Birth Certificate$22.00
Book Copy of Birth Certificate$27.00
Duplicate Copies requested with initial search$10.00
Stillbirth Certificate$18.00
Affidavit or Acknowledgment of Paternity – Over One Year Old (includes one certified copy)$27.00
Affidavit or Acknowledgment of Paternity – Under One Year Old (includes one certified copy)$22.00
Expedite FAX Fee for records not on State database$15.00
Credit Card Use Fee, Vitalcheck (Expedite $15 + Vitalcheck $12.50)$27.50
UPS Handling FeeCurrent Fee
After Hours Fee$50.00

If the applicant does not respond to a written request from Vital Records within 90 days, Vital Records may retain all monies paid.
Search and issuance of certified copy of certificates of
Death, Fetal Death, 1905 to present:
Initial Copy of Death Certificate$30.00
Duplicate Copies requested with initial search$10.00
Amendments to Correct Information on Death Certificate (over 1 year)$35.00
Mortuary Replacement Fee$3.00
Burial Transit Permit /Cremation Permit Local Fee$7.00
Cremation/Burial Transit Permit State Medical Examiner Fee if Required$150.00
Disinterment Permit$25.00
Dispositioner Fee (during working hours)$75.00
Dispositioner Fee (after work hours)$300.00
Initial certified Copy of Marriage or Divorce (abstract only) $18.00
Duplicate Copies requested with initial search$10.00

Family & Personal Health – Nursing

The cost of immunizations is calculated by the cost of the vaccine rounded up to the next whole dollar plus a $30 administration fee per vaccination. Individuals who pay at the time of service are given a discounted adminitration fee of $20 per vaccination.  

Medical insurance, including Medicaid and CHIP, will be billed when possible. Children receiving State-required vaccines who are eligible for Vaccines for Children* (VCF) will be asked to pay the administration fee only.  In some cases, this may be waived or reduced.    

*Alaskan Native/American Indian children, uninsured children, and children whose insurance does not fully cover immunizations (i.e, underinsured)

$+.+ The fee will be our cost per test and materials rounded up to the next dollar plus a $25.00 administration fee plus $3.00 per each additional lab test.

A1C Test$18.00
Blood Sugar$18.00
Blood Testing (Non-STD):
   HepB Antibody
  HepB Antigen
  HepC Antibody
  MMR Titer
  Varicella Titer

Blood Typing$+.+
Cholesterol Screening$28.00
CPR Training – County Employees Only$15.00
EMS-HIV only$+.+
EMS Testing (HepB, HepC and HIV)$+.+
Family Planning – Initial Exam Only, contraception extra$65.00
Family Planning = Established Client, Exam Only, contraception extra
   Contraception:  Oral, Depo, Provera, Patch, Nuva Ring
Fecal Occult Blood Test for Colon Cancer (iFOBT)$15.00
Fluoride PrescriptionN/C
Immigration Physical – Adultincludes lab fees $310.00
Immigration Physical – Child      Includes lab fees $250.00
Immigration Records (K-1 visa form/I-693 reprint)$40.00
Infant Metabolic Screening$+.+
Lead Screening$28.00
Physical Examinations:
Adult/Child Routine Health Exam (Scout/Sports); lab work not included

Pregnancy Test$15.00
Record Search Fee/Replacement Yellow Fever Card$10.00
Short Encounter$15.00
Other Needed Lab Work$+.+
$+.+ The fee will be our cost per test and materials rounded up to the next dollar plus a $25.00 administration fee plus $3.00 per each additional lab test
Communicable Disease (CD) Treatment$25.00
Gonorrhea and Chlamydia$+.+
Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis$+.+
HIV Rapid Test$25.00
Wart Treatment$35.00
Mycoplasma Genitalium Detection by Nucleic Acid Testing $+.+
Other Testing/Treatment not listed above$+.+
$+.+ The fee will be our cost per test and materials rounded up to the next dollar plus a $25.00 administration fee plus $3.00 per each additional lab test
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)$+.+
CMP & Complete Blood Count (CBC)$+.+
QuantiFERON-TB Gold (QFT) Test$73.00
TB Skin Test$25.00
Prescription if applicable for Quanti Feron Gold Test$10.00
Prescription Order for Chest X-Ray$10.00
Proof of treatment-replacement card$10.00
Urinalysis, in-house$15.00
Prescription fee for each individual prescription$5.00
$+.+ The fee will be our cost per test and materials rounded up to the next dollar plus a $25.00 administration fee plus $3.00 per each additional lab test
Travel Letter Review & Notary Service$10.00
Counseling for travel: Adult$50.00
Counseling for travel: Child$25.00
HIV for travel (serum)$+.+
Gonorrhea for documentation purposes$+.+
$+.+ The fee will be our cost per test and materials rounded up to the next dollar plus a $25.00 administration fee plus $3.00 per each additional lab test

Health Promotion

Bike Helmet Education and Use$10.00
Car Seat Check Donation (Recommendation)$1.00
Car Seat Education and Low Cost Sale (Through a grant funded program reduced rates are available for WIC, Medicaid, and Horizon eligible clients as long as funds are available.)$25.00
If eligible
E-Liquid Manufacturing Permit Fee – Expires Annually on December 31st.  Must be renewed on or before January 1st of each year.$250.00
E-Liquid Manufacturing Follow-Up Inspection Fee$150.00
National Diabetes Prevention Program$250.00
Rebate upon completion of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (-100.00)
New Tobacco Retail Tobacco Permit$30.00
New Retail Tobacco Specialty Business Permit$30.00
Plan Review – Tobacco Specialty Business$250.00
Tobacco Permit Reinstatement Fee$30.00
Radon Monitor Checkout Fee$25.00

Environmental Health

  • Establishments that open without a permit will be assessed a double permit fee + the expedited plan review fee.  All fees owed to UCHD for any permit or violation will need to be paid prior to receiving a new permit and inspection. 
  • Overdue Payment: 20% for each 30 days late.  Permit revoked after 60 days past due.
  • Plan Reviews will be completed within 15 business days.  Expedited plan reviews will be completed within 7 business days.  
  • Establishments that fail to complete the renewal process within 60 days will have their permit revoked. The owner/operator will need to apply and pay for a new permit.
Category 1: Under 1,000 sq. ft.
Category 2: 1,001 – 3,000 sq. ft.
Category 3: 3,001 – 5,000 sq. ft.
Category 4: 5,000 sq. ft.
Permit Category 1$240.00
Permit Category 2$340.00
Permit Category 3$460.00
Permit Category 4$620.00
Food Truck Primary Permit:
Tier One (Low Risk Foods)
Tier Two (High Risk Foods)

Food Cart Permit:
Tier One (Low Risk Foods)
Tier Two (High Risk Foods)

Microenterprise Home Kitchen:
New Permit
Permit Renewal

Agritourism Food Establishment Permit$300.00
School Food Permit$340.00
Re-Inspection Fee$100.00
Food Handler Permit – 3 years$15.00
Food Handler Training Class$15.00
Food Handler Duplicate Permit$5.00
Seasonal Permit
A Seasonal Food Service Establishment is a facility that does not meet the definition of a permanent food service establishment, has a limited menu, has hard plumbing, is in one location, and does not operate more than 90 days each calendar year.
Any plan establishment that undergoes and completes construction without submitting plans will be charged the expedited fee and will require an onsite review to receive approval from UCHD.
Mobile, Seasonal$550.00
Plan Review Category 1$425.00
Plan Review Category 2 $650.00
Plan Review Category 3$850.00
Plan Review Category 4$1,000.00
Remodel of Existing Kitchen$250.00
Plan Review School$650.00
Food Establishment List$45.00
Booths serving non-potentially hazardous foods
Booths serving potentially hazardous foods
1 – 14 Consecutive Day Events / Multiple Events
     Each additional event with the same menu
Temporary Non-Permitted Food PermitDouble Permit Fee
Temporary Food Permit LATE FEE  (Application less than 4 business days)$45.00
Mass Gathering Permit Fee:
Number of People = 1000-1999
Number of People = 2000+

Late fee (less than 30 days prior to event)Double Fee
Residential Care Facility Inspection$85.00 per inspection
Duplicate Copy$5.00
 Site Assessment$150.00 for first 2 hrs
+ $50.00/hr for additional time
Non-Permitted Facility Inspection$100.00
File Search$25.00
Summer & Winter Seasonal Operational Permit$655.00
Year-Round Pool Operational Permit$1,100.00
Registered Maintenance Company$125.00
Re-sample Fee – for previous failed sample$120.00
Pool Reopen Fee$90.00
Plan Review – within 15 business days
Plan Review Resubmittal Fee$150.00
  under 2000 ft (typical)
2001-5000 ft (complex)
5000+ ft (complex)
Re-Inspection Fee$140.00
Swimming Pool List$45.00
Pool Operator Registration Fee$30.00
Pool Operator Transfer Fee Between Pools$10.00
Tanning Facility Plan Review & Initial Permit (includes 1 workstation)$160.00
Base Fee – includes 1 bed$130.00
Additional Bed$20.00
Re-Inspection Fee$100.00
Establishment Permit$185.00
Additional Work Station$40.00
Plan Review Fee$250.00
Technician Registration – annual with current blood-borne pathogen certificate$20.00
Re-Inspection Fee$125.00
Body Art Facility Permit within multi-station facility (includes 1 work station) Annual Renewal$175.00
Drinking Water Sample (onsite wastewater systems and private well)$200.00 + lab fees
Drinking Water Resampling (onsite wastewater systems and private well)$135.00 + lab fees
System Permit and Plan Review$1,750.00 including current state fee
Plan Review Resubmittal Fee$150.00
Post Approval Review$250.00
Alternative at Grade$1,930.00 including current state fee
Alternative Packed Bed Media$2,110.00 including current state fee
Alternative Packed Bed Media – annual permit$100.00 + lab fees
Repair Permit – Inspection
*If site evaluation/soil profile or other onsite visit is necessary, an additional $100.00 for each visit may be charged for the repair permit.
Ground Water Monitoring – one visit per month during high groundwater months.  One visit per quarter during non high ground water periods$750.00 + $25.00 per test hole
Holding Tanks Installation$1,060.00
Holding Tank Annual Permit Fee$100.00
Septic Tank Abandonment Permit$100.00
Subdivision Feasibility Plat: More than 5 Lots
$1,250 + $60.00 each site
Subdivision Feasibility Plat: 5 Lots or Less$750.00 + 60.00 each site
Subdivision Plat Amendment$350.00
Liquid Waste Hauler$175.00 + $25.00 per vehicle
WW System File Search$45.00
Site Evaluation $300.00
Extra Inspections or Visits$250.00
Loan Clearance File Search – 15 days$150.00
Loan Clearance File Search – 7 days$300.00
Vault Privy Review/Permit/Inspection$1,750.00
Non Septic Building Permit Approval$140.00
Permitting of an Official I/M Program Station$250.00
Temporary I/M Station Permit$50.00
Re-Permitting an I/M Station at a New Location$50.00
Annual Renewal of Expired Station Permit$60.00
Annual Renewal of Station Permit$30.00
Permitting an Official I/M Emissions Mechanic$25.00
Mechanic Certification Course$100.00
Annual Renewal of I/M Mechanic Permit$15.00
Annual Renewal of Expired Mechanic Permit$30.00
Mechanic Handbook$20.00
Air Pollution Control Fee$2.00
Emissions Certificate of Compliance / Number$3.25
Duplicate Certificate of Compliance$3.00
Emissions Test for Gray Market Vehicle$25.00
Emissions Test for Engine Change Vehicle$25.00
Replacement Station SignCost
Tamper Detection Class – Mandatory$50.00
Tamper Detection Class – Voluntary$25.00
Duplicate Mechanic or Station Certificate$5.00
Emissions Inspection FeeSet by Station
Municipal Solid Waste Transfer & Processing Station Permit Fee$1.00/ton of MSW
Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Facility Permit Fee$1.00/ton of MSW