Tobacco & E-Liquid Manufacturing Permits

General Tobacco Retailers   

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  • Submit a completed Tobacco Retailer Permit Application
  • Provide a copy of current Cigarette/Tobacco Products License from the Utah State Tax Commission
  • Pay permit fee ($30 new, $20 renewal)

Retail Tobacco Specialty Business



  • Submit a completed Tobacco Retailer Permit Application
  • Provide a map of proposed retail tobacco specialty business location
  • Provide a copy of current Cigarette/Tobacco Products License from the Utah State Tax Commission
  • Pay $250 business plan review fee
  • Pay $30 new permit fee


  • New permit: $30
  • Permit renewal: $20
  • Permit reinstatement: $30
  • Retail Tobacco Specialty Business Plan Review: $250 

Tobacco Retailer Recognition

Tobacco Retailers receive Gold, Silver or Bronze recognition based on the number of years that they’ve had no sales during Compliance Checks.

Thank you to those retailers in our Utah County community that have worked with us to follow the law and keep our youth safe.

E-Liquid Manufacturing Permit

The Utah County Board of Health adopted a new regulation for the retail sales of E-cigarettes, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Paraphernalia and E-liquid, and the Manufacturing of E-liquid. The Utah County Health Department actively enforces this regulation as of March 1, 2015. This regulation is for the manufacturing of “e-juice.” Sale of e-cigarettes, equipment, and supplies are now permitted through Utah Cod 26-62-203.

For the manufacture of E-Liquids, a person or business must:

  • Submit a required written ENDS Permit application with a Manufacturing Endorsement.
  • Pay the yearly permit fee (see below). Each year the permit expires on December 31 and must be renewed prior to the expiration date.
  • Have an inspection performed by a health department employee who will inspect the manufacturing location before the permit will be issued.
  • Post the annual permit with manufacturing endorsement in a visible public location within the facility.

Application for E-Cigarette, ENDS or ENDS Paraphernalia Retail Permit and/or Manufacturing Endorsement Form.


E-Liquid Manufacturing Permit Fee* $250
Manufacturing Follow-up Inspection Fee $150

Visit our Board of Health Regulations page here or download the complete E-Cigarette regulation below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know which type of permit I need. How do I choose?

Read through the descriptions of each permit type as it explains the differences and restrictions of each. If you still have questions, please contact us. 

What documents do I need to submit along with my application?

  • You MUST submit the Utah tax commission license for the business location you are applying for. The tax commission business names and address must match your application. You need to have this document BEFORE you apply for your Tobacco Retail Permit. Your application cannot be processed without that license.
  • If you are applying for a Retail Tobacco Specialty Business Permit, you must also submit a map of the proposed business location. Your application cannot be processed without the map. 

I don’t have the Utah tax commission license for my business yet. Can I still submit an application?

No, please wait until you have all of the required documentation before you submit an application. 

When will I know if my permit application has been approved?

The health department will notify businesses of permit approval within 30 days of your application submission. 

How long is my permit valid?

General Tobacco Retailer Permits are valid for 2 years and Retail Tobacco Specialty Business Permits are valid for one year. Permits now expire on the last day of the month the permit was issued. (For example, if your general permit was issued on 6/10/2021 then your permit will expire 6/30/2023. If you have a retail tobacco specialty business permit that was issued 5/10/2021 then your permit will expire 5/31/2022). 

Will I get reminders when it’s time to renew my permit?

We typically send courtesy reminders via email; however, you are responsible to renew your permit before the expiration date whether or not you receive a reminder. 

I’m changing some of my business information, do I need a new permit?

Yes! If any of the following information, you must apply for a new permit no later than 15 days after the information changes:

  • Business name, business address, business telephone number
  • Name, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers of each proprietor

Will you send me a copy of my permit?

Yes. If your application is approved we will email you an electronic copy and send you a physical copy in the mail. 

I’m selling my business, can the new owner use my permit?

No. Permits are non transferable. If any proprietor (owner) information changes, the new owner must submit a new application. 

Please see resources below for additional information about the law.

Tobacco Regulations Amendment

Utah Office of Administrative Rules