Section Five- Owner Responsibilities

Building and equipment maintenance should be of prime concern for the facility owner, including:

  • Restrooms – Toilet and hand washing facilities with working fixtures must be provided for customers. They must include hot and cold running water, hand soap, and paper hand towels or hand dryer.
  • Ventilation – Temperature within the facility shall not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  This temperature shall be verified with placement of a thermometer in each tanning room.
  • Illumination – All tanning rooms shall be illuminated sufficient to allow for customer safety, as well as proper cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Flooring – Slip resistant flooring or mats shall be provided adjacent to all tanning devices to allow for safe entry and exit.
  • Bed Condition – All tanning beds must have a correct and readable FDA/manufacturer label, manufacturer recommended or compatible bulb types, non-cracked or damaged acrylic contact surfaces, non-cracked or damaged headrests, and no exposed electrical wiring. When in use, beds shall not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Signage – A warning sign listing the dangers of UV radiation must be posted at eye level near the reception desk. Similarly, a protective eyewear sign must be posted in each tanning room. Examples of these signs can be viewed here:
    Protective Eyewear
    Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Advertizing – False or misleading statements cannot be posted at the facility or used in promotion of the facility. Such statements might include “Safer Than The Sun,” “No Harmful Side Effects,” or “Will Not Cause Skin Cancer Or Skin Aging.”
  • Documentation – The facility shall maintain readily accessible records of all signed customer information and consent forms, all certified operator permit cards, a complete list of potentially photosensitive items, and all written reports of tanning-related injuries. Additionally, a bulb compatibility chart supplied by the bed manufacturer must be posted in each tanning room.
  • Facility Permit – In addition to individual tanning operator permits, the facility must maintain a valid operation permit with Utah County Health Department. This permit must be renewed annually.