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Immunization Requirements for Children

Pre-school through Grade 12

For more information about immunizations, please see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines here:

The Immunization Clinic has all routine preventive vaccines available for infants and children, including kindergarten, 7th grade, and older.

Online Exemption Module

To claim a personal, religious or medical exemption for preschool through grade 12, the parent or legal guardian must complete an on-line educational module (free of charge) and provide a copy of the completed form to the school official.

Completion of the on-line educational module can be done at the Health Department if you do not have access to a computer.  Also, for a medical exemption, a written notice from a licensed health care provider must be provided.   It should state the physical condition of the student, and why that vaccine would endanger the student’s life or health.

All upcoming pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and 7th grade students will be required to provide the updated exemption certificate.

Fluoride Prescriptions Available at the Health Department

Children brushing teeth

Fluoride prescriptions are available at the Health Department free of charge for infants and children ages 6 months to 15 years old.

You may take your prescription to a pharmacy to be filled at their cost, without added fees.

For additional information, please call: 801-851-7024

Children under the age of 16 years who do not have enough fluoride in their drinking water should have additional fluoride to help protect their teeth. The amount of fluoride in drinking water is tested by individual cities. Recommendations are made from these tests. A list of cities and their fluoride levels can be found here:

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Vision Guidelines for Schools

Vision screenings are conducted at schools

  • Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th or 8th grades, 9th or 10th and all special education classes have a basic far-vision screening.
  • Some elementary schools screen all grades.
  • Referrals to parents and eye specialists are given when there are concerns.

Common Contagious Diseases

Head Lice

Head Lice are very common and always exist in communities and schools.  Head Lice Policy & Protocol below.

Policies to Protect Health of Children

In order to help control contagious diseases in day care and school settings, Utah County has several policies in place:

Medication Policies for School Children

Alpine School District Medication Policy

Nebo School District Medication Policy

Provo School District Medication Policy

State Medication Form

Woman using inhaler during spring time

Care Plans

Care Plans are developed with Parent and physician input for students with special health needs.  If you have any health concern or special needs for your student, please contact the school your student attends.  Below are State Health Care Plans for specific for health needs.