Birth/Death Certificate FAQ’S

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Birth/Death Certificates (Vital Records)

How do I get reimbursed for a COVID-19 related funeral?

Reimbursements for eligible funeral costs are processed through FEMA. You can get more information online through the following links: Utah State or FEMA

Can I get a Social Security Card here?

No, you must get them from the Social Security Administration. You may call them at 1-866-366-9549. Their Utah County address is 88 W 100 N, Provo, UT 84601.

Do I get a Marriage License here?

No, those are issued by the County Clerk’s Office located at 111 S University Ave. They have their own entrance at the northwest corner of the Health and Justice Building. You may call them at 801-851-8226, or use the following link to get more information online: Marriage Certificates

Can I get Immunization Records in this office?

No, you must get them through the Immunization Clinic in Nursing at 801-851-7019, or click on the following link for online information: Find My Records

Why don’t we issue the wallet size card anymore?

The wallet size cards are too small to contain all the security features to comply with the Department of Homeland Security regulations. Therefore, they are not acceptable for legal purposes.

Obtaining a Birth/Death Certificate

Who can get a birth/death certificate?

You can get one for yourself or immediate family only: Mother, Father, Sibling, Spouse, Child, Grandparent or Grandchild. This does not include Step-Parents or In-Laws. 

What kind of ID is required to get a birth certificate?

We require a current picture ID: Driver’s License, State issued ID, School ID, Employment ID, or a Passport. It must have a picture and be current, not expired longer than 90 days. Other forms may be acceptable please see related link: List of Acceptable Identification, IdentificaciónAceptable

Why do I need a birth/death certificate?

You need a birth certificate to prove you were born an American Citizen eligible for Social Security, to work or go to school, for Passports, driver’s licenses, sports, etc. You need a death certificate as proof for every asset of the deceased: Insurance, Property Title, Social Security Benefits, Financial Institutions, etc.

How many certificates do I need?

For a birth certificate, that depends on your lifestyle. Most people only need one, but if you travel a lot & need a passport, or to file dual citizenship, you may need more. You will need a death certificate for every asset of the deceased plus some for your own records.

How long does it take to get a birth certificate once I’ve had my baby?

Legally the hospitals have 10 days to register the birth with the State Office of Vital Records, but it can take another 1-2 days before we have access to it for issuing.  Once we have access to the record, it is available within minutes when requested in person. If you have received an email that it is ready, then we will have access to the record and be able to issue.

If I had my baby at home how do I get a Birth Certificate?

If a midwife delivered your baby she will register the birth with the State Office of Vital Records. If you delivered yourself without a midwife’s assistance, you must contact the State Office of Vital Records to register the birth and they will issue you a certificate. Please call 1-801-538-6366. 

Can we get a birth certificate from your office if we were born in another county?

Yes, we have birth certificates for the whole state from 1931 to the present. We can get them for other years as well but you may want to call for more information: 801-851-7005.

Can I get a certificate from another state in this office?

No, we only issue certificates for the state of Utah. We do not have access to any other state’s records. We do have contact information for other states we can share, please feel free to call 801-851-7005 or visit where to write for other states.

Changing a Birth Certificate

How can I add my baby’s father to the birth certificate?

The mother and father must sign ‘A Voluntary Declaration of Paternity’ provided by this office. This can be done anytime throughout the child’s life. For more information, please call 801-851-7008 or visit Paternity Matters

Can I add a middle name to my child’s record?

Yes, a middle name may be added at any time. The parents need to purchase a birthcertificate and sign the ‘Affidavit to Amend a Record’ on the back of the certificate in front of a Notary Public. Please contact our office at 801-851-7005 for more information and requirements.

How do I correct a birth certificate to reflect a Court Order Name Change?

You must send the certified court documents to the State Office of Vital Records in Salt Lake City along with the fee of $27.00 which entitles you to a new certificate reflecting the new information that will be mailed to you. Please contact them at 801-538-6105 for further information and requirements.

How do I change a birth certificate to reflect an adoption?

You must send the certified court documents to the State Office of Vital Records in Salt Lake City along with the fee of $65.00 which entitles you to a new certificate reflecting the adoption that will be mailed to you. Please contact them at 801-538-6363 for further information and requirements. 

What is an Apostille?

An Apostille (pronounced “ah-po-steel”) is a French word meaning certification. 
An Apostille is simply the name for a specialized certificate, issued by the Secretary of State. The Apostille is attached to your original document to verify it is legitimate and authentic, so it will be accepted in one of the other countries who are members of the Hague Apostille Convention.  Follow this link for more information: