Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM)

What is Integrated Mosquito Management?

IMM is a comprehensive mosquito prevention / control strategy that utilizes available mosquito control methods singly or in combination to exploit the known vulnerabilities of mosquitoes in order to reduce their numbers to tolerable levels while maintaining a quality environment.  (AMCA)

IMM Has Four Components

Knowledge Based

Understanding of Flight Ranges

Understanding of their life cycle

Understanding of Feeding preference

Knowing the different species in your area

Understanding of peak activity or flight times

Understanding of their habitats and preferences

Understanding of different breeding cycles or times

Surveillance Driven

Surveillance is collecting the numbers, location and species of mosquitoes that are present in the county. We do this in three ways:

Trapping Data

Service Request

Field inspections

Resource limited

Though it is our desire to control the mosquito population in the county we do understand that we do not have unlimited resources. Because of these limits we strive to prioritizes the work that we do so that we get the greatest value for the money that we spend.

We base our services based on these and other priorities

The population density near Utah Lake

The historical breeding sites in the county

The water levels of Utah Lake and the habitat that is created

Intervention Thresholds

We establishing thresholds that when met we will trigger the appropriate action. These thresholds are based on:

Resistance situations to insecticides 

Disease transmission history

Political considerations

Species of mosquitoes

Historical tolerance

Surveillance tools

Time of year