Home Visitation Programs

Welcome Baby Utah County

Trained home visitors see moms and babies with health or other concerns. Nurses weigh the baby, educate on development and growth, offer community resources, support breast feeding, screen mothers for postpartum depression, and with parents’ permission refer to early intervention programs. Programs are evidence and research-based using Protective Factor Family Framework and Parents as Teachers (PAT) models. All home visits are offered in English and Spanish. Each program may have specific requirements for eligibility.

  • All home visits are free to enrolled families
  • Families must live in Utah County to qualify
  • Developmental Screenings up to age 5-years parent approval referred to early intervention.
  • Postpartum Depression Screenings for mothers with education and referral.
  • Special emphasis on visiting teenage mothers and first-time mothers and those with Medicaid.
  • Family assessments and referrals to community resources based on unique situations
  • Some of the programs overlap and families may be in more than 1 program at a time
  • For questions or more information call: 801-851-7026
  • Link for referral form for medical providers and families (doesn’t exist yet- or fillable form that can be sent.)
  • Possible links to include: DCFS (http://dcfs.utah.gov/ ), Medicaid (https://medicaid.utah.gov ),  PAT (www.parentsasteachers.org )

Welcome Baby United Way

  • Home visits for first- or second-time parents who do not qualify for home visitation with other Utah County Health Department programs
  • Ready to Learn: parent education course, register online to make sure there is pizza and books for you.
  • Playgroup

Prenatal 0-5 Year Old Visits

for an appointment call:


Focuses on child development with additional emphasis on early prevention and intervention.  Program for parents of premature babies, very young mothers, and babies with health concerns.

  • No income requirement for this program
  • Monthly visits by RNs

 Length of program is determined on a case-by-case basis, usually until the child is at least 1 year old.

Medicaid/Targeted Case Management

Focuses on supporting families by providing education on caring for children and providing referrals to services in the community. Program for families with Medicaid and a child who is less than 2 years.

  • Child must have Medicaid or qualify for Medicaid shortly after birth
  • Length of program varies from 1-2 visits to 1 year
  • Monthly visits by RN

Success by Six

Focuses on families who are Spanish speaking and new to U.S. and have a child less than 2 years old or are pregnant. The program is to help families understand how to be their child’s teacher and adapt to their community.

  • No income requirement for this program
  • Visits by Parent Educators 1-2 times per month
  • Uses Parents as Teachers curriculum

Parents as Teachers

Focuses on keeping families resilient, children healthy & happy. During home visits, parent educators share development information and ideas based on the child’s age, discuss parenting concerns, and share fun activities that help parents and children play together.

  • Long term program for families who have a child less than 2 years old or are pregnant
  • May be visited by an RN or a Parent Educator
  • No income requirement for this program
  • This program is usually provided for 2 years per family
  • Visits are 1-2 times per month

Meet the Nurses who will visit you

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Please see our Children’s Health page for other areas of service that may be helpful to you.